The Benefits of commutation Your Smoke Water Pipe

Maintain Your Coils sort of a Champ

There isn’t essentially a definitive declare however usually to alter a coil. It extremely all depends on frequency of use, but, in general, you'll expect to alter the smoke water pipe each 2 to a few weeks. we've got all pushed the envelope a time or 2, particularly while not direct access to a recent coil, however the performance of the tank will definitely suffer. because the coils develop goo from e-liquid, your vape won’t deliver superior vapor and therefore the flavor can become muted.

The good news is, commutation your coil is as easy as removing the coil head and switch it with another.

In order to chop down on your price, you'll utilise a replaceable  coil head, however, prepare to place in further work. smoke water pipe the coil head in low cost hard liquor for ten minutes to associate degree hour has been glorious to eliminate excess grime. once finished cleansing your coil head, let it dry out for one to 2 days.

Replacing Coils in Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)

smoke water pipe

Maintaining the coils for RDAs may be quite tedious, particularly for vapers preferring or area unit accustomed pre-made, boughten coils. the key good thing about mistreatment associate degree RDA over a tank with replaceable  coil heads is that the coils may be recycled which might prevent the effort of constructing the trek to your native vape search, and additional significantly cash.

In order to start, take away the wick from your coil, and pulse your device till the coil turns red. certify to pulse the coil and avoid going full blast. once a coil is gunked up, it'll have hot spots. If you push continuous power through a coil with associate degree said hot spot, {it can|it'll} possibly overheat and therefore the coil will break.

After burning the unwanted residue off of the coil, you’re able to wick and vape away.


If you’re unhappy with the performance of your atomiser, however the coil appearance fine, there might be a difficulty along with your wick. After all, once mistreatment associate degree RDA, there's nice potential for human error.

In the occasion your wick is mounted too tight, it'll require the e-liquid from soaking-up quickly enough, leading to dry hits. On the opposite hand, if you wick your coils too loosely, it'll have problem reaching the total extent of the coil, conjointly leading to dry hits. watch out once cutting the ends of your wick too short, because it won’t reach very cheap of the RDA, and so, cannot wick.

While you’re already dynamical out the wicks, we propose firing up the coil to burn off any leftover muck.

The Benefits of commutation Your Smoke Water Pipe

In order to really win best performance and therefore the most satisfying expertise out of your vaporizer, it’s imperative to often clean/replace your coils and wicks. In return, you’ll notice increased flavor and a forceful improvement in vapor production. counting on your schedule, if time permits, clean your coils and utilise them, otherwise acquire a pack of replacement coils and still modification them each 2-3 weeks. Exceptionally sweet e-liquids containing high levels of vegetable glycerine (VG), produce a larger quantity of unwanted buildup, requiring you to change out the smoke water pipe  additional usually.

One proven fact that all vapers will agree on is nothing beats the expertise of a completely charged vape with a recent coil. It’s virtually like vaping for the primary time. keep in mind to habitually modification and clean your coils therefore you'll vape sort of a true champion!


Vice: Windsor's not so bad, and it's near Detroit

We’re no stranger to Windsor-bashing. We’ve heard it all before. Windsor is the armpit of North American country, you say? We detected that one a generation past.

So once we tend to came upon a Vice article with a headline declaring that Windsor “Might be the Worst Place on cheap best online smoke oil rig,” we weren’t stunned. The only surprise, in fact, was that the silver lining was that it had been near port. Ten years past, any such headline would have only used that truth to pile on another negative, as in: “And it’s right next to the worst place in the world: Detroit!” How times modification.

Windsor among the worst places on the planet? As the writer of the article makes clear, it has lots going for it. We’ve long been aware of all Windsor has got to offer to Detroiters: a compact downtown, excellent Italian and Asian restaurants in addition to the same old pizza pie, burgers, and barbecue. It also has a minimum age of nineteen, Cuban cigars and rum, fully nude strip clubs, and now medical marijuana vape best quality hand smoke pipe. In fact, if it weren’t such a hassle to cross the border, we’d go over there more typically.

But once we tend to rely on it, we hadn’t given a whole heap of thought to however Windsorites feel regarding our town. According to the article, they don’t just like United States of America, they really like United States of America.

How did the author of this text reach this conclusion?

Most other media would speak to consultants, pundits, and at least one millennial promoting skilled, right? But the Vice newsperson did one thing extremely uncommon these days: She talked to the people that live and add Windsor. A crazy journalistic strategy, we know, but effective.

Turns out that the people in Windsor depend on our truthful town for the big-city charm Windsor lacks, and for the music scene that draws performers that might skip from Chicago to provincial capital if not for the Motor City. They also love the international flights out of our flying field.

And it seems our friends across the water aren’t thus totally different from United States of America, notwithstanding the Cuban coronas, full-frontal clubs, and teenagers drinking in bars. One Windsorite quoted in the piece says the maximum amount, declaring: "We're pretty much one and therefore the same," he said, though he admitted the love affair is somewhat lopsided. "Detroit would never assume of Windsor as a suburbia of it."

Maybe it’s time that modified. Because then Windsor would be the coolest suburbia of port nightlong.
Dora actress explores vaping, gets suspended from school


Baren Tobacco Company Make Pipe

The raincoat Baren Tobacco Company nowadays discharged the strongest tobacco they need ever created. The new HH daring KY is therefore sturdy that it's the primary raincoat Baren tobacco to ever be rated a four on the company’s strength scale. quality hand smoke pipe raincoat Baren tobacco tin encompasses a scale of one to five, however in over 125-years, they need ne'er created a tobacco stronger than a three. HH daring KY, at a four rating is certainly not for beginners.

In recent years, it looks that the market has been hard-to-please stronger and stronger tobaccos, each in premium cigars, and pipe tobacco. a good profit for people who will handle the larger quantity of alkaloid is that the exceptional flavor of Dark pink-slipped KY tobaccos. They very style delicious—earth, leather, and smoky, however not smoky like Latakia, a lot of like joint. raincoat Baren calls HH daring KY a tobacco "for pipe smokers with hair on their chest and large tattoos".

This new mix could be a hot ironed flake with an outsized quantity of Dark pink-slipped KY from continent and also the USA, and a few Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and also the USA. it's AN English vogue, that means it's no high flavor added , and simply a smallest quantity of casing that's all natural.

It is presently out there in one.75 oz (50 gram) tins, and can later be out there in three.5 oz (100 gram) tins in addition.


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The Bank of France recommends a rate of 1.25% A Booklet.

What do his booklet A? Today website design company in dubai uae many investors are wondering because in a few days, this feature will be significantly less profitable investment. The Bank of France has recommended lowering the rate to 1.25% Booklet A from 1 August, against 1.75% currently. The rate of this investment should decline to 1% if the form prescribed by the law had been applied to the letter, but the governor of the Bank of France, website design company in dubai uae Christian Noyer, has chosen to depart because it "would lead to a strong variation and a new level of the Livret A ". Indeed, "the governor of the Banque de France therefore proposes to limit to website design company in dubai uae 0.50 points lower rate booklet A, which would continue in the coming months a largely positive return on regulated savings while by decreasing significantly the cost of financing the economy, "he adds. Pierre Moscovici, Minister of Economy, has yet to decide.

At 1.25%, the level has been reached for the first time during the 2009 recession. The rate of Booklet A booklet of Sustainable Development (LDD) and website design company in dubai uae the Blue Booklet had already fallen by 0.5 February 1. In just six months, the compensation of regulated investments should melt 1%. This is far from neutral.

Now a booklet A ceiling (22,950 euros) should yield 286.9 euros per year against 401.60 euros when the rate was 1.75%. And the holder of a booklet website design company in dubai uae Sustainable Development (LDD) ceiling (€ 12,000) earns 150 euros against 210 euros a year earlier.
Of untaxed earnings

But in the current environment of very low interest rates, website design company in dubai uae these fees are ultimately correct and hard to beat, because they are not taxed. This is not the case for most other investments. Starting with the bank books, direct competitors Booklet A website design company in dubai uae. Since January 1, indeed, unearned income (capital gains, interest, dividends ...) are taxed at the scale of income tax, which must be added the social security contributions. While most banks offer online guns promotional rates (between 5.5% and 4% gross) to new customers for three or four months. But it is then cold shower, rates fell to levels significantly lower than the website design company in dubai uae passbooks (between 1% and 2.2% before tax), and inflation. Investors are not also not wrong. "The inflow of funds to the booklet A and LDD was made at the expense of bank books and deposits," says the'' Observatory regulated savings.

"The booklet A is a simple, flexible investment and that is what today are looking households," explains Philippe Crevel Secretary Circle Savers. The falling rate of website design company in dubai uae Booklet A, however, could give a little shine to euro funds of life insurance contracts whose performance has shrunk in recent years. They reported an average of 2.9% in 2012 (before payroll 15.5%) and earnings expected to fall further this year (2.8% according to some experts). website design company in dubai uae However, the government plans to reform the long-term investment, capital guaranteed.

As always, investors expect higher returns must accept more risk by investing, for example, the equity markets website design company in dubai uae ...


Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory

The Proton-M rocket carrying three satellites for navigation system Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Glonass exploded Tuesday, July 2, during its launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The rocket, the launch was broadcast live by Roscosmos, the Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Russian space agency, and public television channel Rossia 24 changed course a few seconds after takeoff to 4 h 38, and exploded about a minute after. Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory "It seems that the launch will result in a catastrophe," said the presenter Rossia 24, just before the rocket explodes, leaving large red flames rise to the sky.


The accident "did not cause any casualties or damage," Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory but caused a "fuel leak" of the rocket, said for his part the Kazakh space agency Kazcosmos. Some of the staff from Baikonur was evacuated because of the leak, said a source at the Baikonur, quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying that Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory a "toxic cloud" had been formed over the site of the disaster, which suspend the launch of the Baikonur for two or three months, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory according to another source in the space industry.

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the incident, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory according to The Moscow Times, is likely related to a technical problem on the booster.

Russia has in recent years experienced a series of Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory failures in the launch of its satellite or cargo vehicles to the International Space Station (ISS). In December 2010, three Glonass Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory satellites launched from a Proton rocket had fallen into the Pacific Ocean after the failure of their orbit, caused by a fuel surcharge in the launcher. Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory The Glonass system was designed by Russia to compete with the American GPS system and the future European Galileo system.

Apple filed an application for registration of the Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory iWatch brand in Japan, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Taiwan, Mexico, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Russia, a process that fuels speculation about the development of a multi-group shows a smartphone companion.

The trademark application was filed on June 3 and June 27, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory published Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory on the website of the Japan Patent Office in the category of computer accessories. "This request is under consideration for approval during a procedure that typically requires about four to five months," Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory said an official of the agency concerned. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said in June that such portable devices should be studied. The New York Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Times reported in February that Apple was conducting tests to launch a wristwatch equipped with iOS, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad.


Whether the Japanese specialist in digital watches, Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Casio, giants of electronics such as South Korea's Samsung or even computer giants like Google and Microsoft U.S., several manufacturers are developing smart watches including functions similar to those of smartphones and able to Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory communicate with them.

But many are eagerly awaiting an Apple version hypothetical object that run many rumors.

Sony, for its part, last week unveiled the second version of its SmartWatch, waterproof watch with touch screen dialogue with smartphones Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Android operating system from Google, receive alerts for phone calls, consult his or her agenda emails, read updates to social networks or listen to music. Vehicle Management Software | Used Cars Software System | Cars Inventory Samsung working on developing comparable to a wristwatch device, it was learned from sources close to the case.


Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers

It is a small institutional revolution in the Prize Bond list Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers history of Paris. For the first time since the abolition of the Department of the Seine in 1968, the capital and its neighbors could sit in a decision-making common policy.

Jean-Marc Ayrault will announce Wednesday, Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers March 6, the creation of a "metropolis of Paris", with means to encourage suburban mayors to build more housing. This reform is included in the draft law on decentralization which Le Monde has recently obtained the Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers text submitted to the Council of State.


The Grand Paris housing planned for 2016 Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers online should be governed by a "council" involving the mayor of Paris and the presidents of future major intercommunal the Paris Basin. "The president of the Metropolis of Paris will be elected by the Metropolitan Council from Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess paper among its members," states the bill.

The "Metropolitan Council" is composed of the Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers Mayor of Paris and the presidents of the intercommunal M├ętropole - the mayor of Paris can theoretically become president. To coordinate with the region, "metropolitan conference" meet the Council of the metropolis, Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers the presidents of the region and departments.

The perimeter will M├ętropole urban area defined by Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers INSEE as "dense area" where 90% of dwellings and population of the Ile-de-France, nearly 10 million people.

Intermunicipal MANDATORY

The Ile-de-France is today an area crumbled. Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers The bill provides for the obligation to create large intercommunal to 200 000 to 300 000 at least by 2015 - only a dozen are now more than 150 000 inhabitants. They will be equipped by the law of programming tools more binding through inter-local development plans will be mandatory.


Just 40,000 new buildings out of the ground every Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers year now in Ile-de-France. The goal of 70,000 new dwellings set by the law of the Grand Paris 2010 implies a 40% increase joint programming in the city. The home of the homeless is also very unevenly distributed. Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers Paris and neighboring departments for 75% of accommodation places.

In this context, the purpose of the Metropolis will increase the efficiency of housing production, respectful of energy efficiency standards, but also solidarity in offering emergency shelter. If the government does not Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers remove their mayors sacrosanct authority to issue building permits - although some experts advocate the housing - the councilors will Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers be placed under a double injunction of the metropolis and those of intercommunal future.

The bill states that the metropolis will be responsible Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers for establishing a "metropolitan housing and accommodation." It will include "climate and energy plan" to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, "a social emergency plan" and the objectives of production and distribution of Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers housing.

The government has no plans to decentralize housing policy. Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers But the metropolis may "receive from the State a delegation of powers." It could divide the envelope "with the stone" paid to mayors to Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers encourage them to build.

The metropolis could decide "development operations of Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers metropolitan interest" for which she deliver - instead of the state - the "building permits". The "support local" co-financing public Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers facilities made in support of housing programs.

The bill also provides for the creation of a "regional housing scheme" developed by the region. However, this document can not be adopted without Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers the consent of the metropolis will have the last word with regard to the programming units on its territory.


The Metropolis will have an operating grant and a Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers "Metropolitan Investment Fund" an amount to be determined under the laws of finance.

The bill also creates a "solidarity fund for the departments Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers of the Ile-de-France 60 million euros" to be funded by the richest councils in favor of the poorest.


The territory of the metropolis of Paris roughly corresponds Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers to that covered by the future metro Grand Paris Express designed by Nicolas Sarkozy. Jean-Marc Ayrault to announce Wednesday, Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers March 6, the timing of the construction of 200 km as double bypass.

Despite a downward revision of the design of infrastructure, Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers the project is expected to exceed 26 billion euros, according to recent estimates of the government. The metro is expected to serve 72 stations around which should make very large real estate transactions. Prize Bond Formula, Prize Bond Guess papers The Prime Minister should commit on Wednesday to complete the whole diagram 2030. This is another huge challenge.


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Prize Bond Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading Prize Bond Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading Prize Bond Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

FEDERAL Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has, while speaking at a news conference in Rahim Yar Khan, said that the government would not involve the army or judiciary in political consultation. Instead, the government … would continue to talk only to political parties for the sake of continuity of democracy in the country. Talking about new federating units, he said that the provinces could not be restored merely through executive orders. New provinces could be created strictly in accordance with the method provided in the constitution. …The … information minister also talked of other issues….
As it is the duty of a general to fight and of a judge to decide cases, the function of a scholar is to teach and of a politician to do politics. Prize Bond Result Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading In our country, many generals tried their hands at politics. The act is as illogical as a politician acting like a general. A general must quit his job if he is fond of politics, or pursue his hobby two years after his retirement. The same is true for judges. Their job is to give verdicts and not meddle in politics. …Mr Kaira felt the need to say all this because Pakistani generals indulge in politics and politicians only share the blame. Mr Kaira appeared bitter also because of the speech of the Canada-returned Tahirul Qadri who has ascended due to unknown reasons. Prize Bond Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading The reality behind his appearance is still not known. …—(Dec 27)


Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers | Pakistani Models

If Yes?then you are the biggest looser Girls Girls and Girls it seems as "Girls" are one of the most interesting topic for the young generation of Pakistan.All what thy want is to get numbers of girls make them girl friends and so on. The extent to which boys are desperate to get girls is on its peak,Almost 8,00000 Searches are made on Google from Pakistan relating to girls. It is assumed that it would be a different trend if co-education would have been common in pakistan.The only reason for this is that in Pakistan Girls are only looked as a source of Pleasure not just by the young generation. Lack of contact between the two genders has resulted in such a dreadfully condition. According to Google keyword sear there are 74,000 searches for girls mobile numbers In Karachi, This is sick it seems as people of Karachi do not have any other thing to do other then getting girls cell numbers,Chat with them,and wasting time running after girls, Youth of Karachi and Lahore have been spoiled badly since the use of cell phones got common, now a days almost all of the youth have a access to a cell phone, But the sickest thing is that there are many well known websites of Pakistan which are providing with such a unlawful service, offering girls cell numbers of girls from Lahore ,Islamabad,Karachi,Faisalabad also some websites has been established which offers services as "Chat with Pakistani Girls Online",Many Pages of Facebook are made which has Pakistani girls images,School girls pictures which are mostly grabbed by hacking girls Facebook accounts,While using Facebook at times i have seen ads appearing on the right corner with the following titles "Pakistani girl photo""hot Pakistani Girls"and etc which has been linking to blogs which are operating by Indian and Pakistani Publishers containing pictures of women. In our country, most of the people search Pakistani girls’ number for friendship especially the youth of our country. Many websites including some very famous websites are being visited to find Mobile Numbers of Pakistani Girls. All those websites providing girls mobile numbers are exploiting young generation which is an unethical act. Young Pakistani Models should use internet for a positive purpose i.e. for the research and education, for business activities for blogging and many other healthy social activities but in actual they all the time, search out Pakistanis girls mobile number for friendship which is just a waste of time.
Young minds are involved in all these kinds of unethical activities. The boys try to search the number of girls living in their own city just to make friendship with them which is misuse of mobile phone and also waste of time. It is mostly seen that in this modern age mobile technology is misused by the youth of our country. The youngsters are too much interested in mobiles that they are misusing it. Cheap call and SMS rates and unlimited daily and hourly packages are very encouraging and supportive for such boys. These packages give them freedom to make unlimited calls. If they don’t have or can’t find a mobile number of a girl they start making wrong phone call on anonymous number in thrust of a girl mobile number.

Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers for Friendship Search Increase an unethical Approach Authorities Must be Stop this!

The young boys of Lahore, Karachi, and other cities of Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers spend all the day searching for girl’s mobile number. There are rare chances that they get success in finding out the correct number because mostly the number provided there are wrong or fake. Sometimes it may happen that you find the real number of a girl but surely it would have been gained through an illegal source. Therefore girls should try to secure their mobile numbers.
All those people who make similar kind of searches on the internet possesses sick minds plus the great cheap packages of telecom companies have make it very simple and easy to call any number with no loss of money. These kinds of trends increase with the increase in telecom network growth in Pakistan which is an unethical approach.
In the end I would conclude by saying that parents should not allow their young children to use mobile phones unless it become necessary for the purpose of security otherwise parents should try to keep an eye on the social activities of their young children. Telecom companies should make proper system to make complaint against those numbers who are teasing girls or any person. So that boys should be aware of the results of misusing their mobile phone. Young Pakistani’s should use internet for a positive purpose i.e. for the research and education, for business activities for blogging and many other healthy social activities. They should concentrate on their aim and should not involve them in these unethical activities.

Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers | Pakistani Models


Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers For Friendship

akistani Girls Mobile Numbers
HONG KONG — India and Pakistan compete — often angrily, and usually at full volume — in just about everything. Cricket. Nuclear weapons. They dispute a marshy creek that runs between their two countries. And they spend fortunes to bivouac military units on a glacier so high, cold and forbidding that it is sometimes called “the third pole.” That standoff at 22,000 feet has famously been likened to “a struggle of two bald men over a comb.”
Another Indo-Pak competition is the fight against polio, and Indian girls mobile numbers is the hands-down winner. No new cases have been reported in India in more than a year, while Pakistan remains by far the most-afflicted country, with about a third of all cases worldwide last year.
Polio should have been gone by now — the crippling disease is fully preventable with a few drops of inexpensive oral vaccine — and public health experts expected it to have been wiped out a dozen years ago. It almost seems to be a disease from a distant era, like smallpox or bubonic plague.
But Taliban hard-liners have kept vaccination teams from reaching a quarter-million vulnerable Pakistani girls mobile numbers children under 5. In recent weeks gunmen in Karachi girls cell numbers attacked a United Nations doctor and his vaccination team, and saboteurs have harassed teachers and health care workers.
“New polio cases are the lowest they’ve ever been and there are currently just three countries, down from 125 in 1988, where polio is still endemic: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan,” said Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder who has made global polio eradication a focus of the philanthropic foundation that he established with his wife.
“India has defeated polio and Angola has defeated it twice,” Mr. Gates said on Tuesday. “We have never been this close.”
Bill Gates

We are 99% of the way to eradicating #polio forever. What holds us back? What else can we do?
27 Sep 12
Mr. Gates is due to speak Thursday at a United Nations gathering to raise funds and awareness for vaccination efforts. The leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are scheduled to attend.
Mr. Gates and other polio campaigners have used India’s successes to spur on Pakistan.
“When it comes to polio,” Mr. Gates said, “the Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers and the Indians want the same thing we all do — a world in which no child ever gets this preventable disease again.”
Earlier this summer, Taliban chiefs in the tribal areas of North and South Waziristan said further vaccinations would be banned until the United States halts drone strikes against Taliban and Qaeda insurgents.
“They know we don’t have any control over drone strikes,” Dr. Bruce Aylward, the polio-eradication chief of the World Health Organization, told my colleague Donald G. McNeil Jr. “And I’ve yet to meet a parent who prefers a paralyzed kid. The Taliban commanders face these same issues — but they have grievances that need to be addressed.”
In July, Declan Walsh of the Times’s bureau in Pakistan wrote:
The Taliban also claimed that the vaccination campaign was a cover for American espionage, and referred to Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor hired by the Central Intelligence Agency to help track Osama bin Laden in early 2011, who had also worked on polio vaccination.
The Pakistani government tried to negotiate with the Taliban to allow vaccinations in the area, without success; health officials now say that as many as 250,000 children will miss out on vaccinations this week.
“There could hardly have been a more stupid venture, and there was bound to be a backlash, especially for polio,” Dr. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, a vaccine specialist at Aga Khan University in Pakistan, Karachi Girls Mobile Numbers told Donald in reference to the C.I.A. scheme.
“In Pakistan, heroic health workers often have to surmount obstacles, and even risk their lives to reach children who are unprotected,” Mr. Gates said before heading to New York this week. “Vaccine teams are enlisting the support of religious leaders to help counter misperceptions about immunizations and suspicions that they are part of a plot.”
Donald reported that polio vaccinations do have “a long history of controversy among Muslims in many countries.”
“Rumors about polio vaccine abound: that it is a Western plot to sterilize girls, that it is unclean under Islamic law, that it contains the AIDS virus,” he wrote.
“The W.H.O. and the United Nations Fund for Children, which oversee the campaign, have asked Islamic scholars, including top Saudi clerics, to issue fatwas saying the vaccine is safe and should be given.”
It’s the clash everyone waits for. It’s a match-up which is marked out the moment the dates of a tournament involving these two teams are announced. It’s a contest for which tickets sell like hot cakes in any part of the world where they can pronounce ‘cricket’.
On Sunday night, India, cornered into a desperate situation, simply have to win their game against a Pakistan side riding high after securing a come-from-behind win against South Africa. Unless they meet again in the summit clash, both teams may enjoy a different fate from here.
No one understands this better than India skipper MS Dhoni. His team just suffered a royal thrashing at the hands of the marauding Aussies on Friday night. His batsmen were exposed yet again against the vagaries of pace and bounce. He played five bowlers but except Zaheer Khan, all of them were left embarrassed by the murderous opening duo of Watson and Warner. His excuse that the spinners were hampered by a wet ball seems lame.
To multiply Dhoni’s worries, his decision to exclude his most experienced batsman, Virender Sehwag, for the game against the Aussies, is threatening to drown India’s entire campaign here into a big controversy. Many are questioning his reasoning behind leaving a class batsman like Sehwag out of his plans, more so after the way the Indian batting struggled against the Aussie bowlers.
It seems India’s 90-run win over England last Sunday happened a long time ago. To win, Dhoni again has to solve the ‘Sehwag jigsaw’ first. Sehwag, who was dropped against Australia, may not be in a purple patch but numbers favour his case against Pakistan.
The attacking opener has logged 1276 runs, including a triple hundred, in nine Tests at an outstanding average of 91.14 against the arch-rivals. In ODIs, this 33-year-old has been comparatively less successful, having taken 1036 runs off the Pakistani bowlers in 29 games at an average of 35.72. Saeed Ajmal and Co must be silently praying for Viru to be benched again.
Gautam Gambhir and Sehwag at the top give India a terrific chance to take the game away from Pakistan before they realise it. With the in-form Virat Kohli and a bunch of strokeplayers following, Indian Girls Mobile Numbers have a good chance of batting their neighbours out of the game.
It would make sense for India to go in with a spinner less for this match. Medium-pacer L Balaji’s variations should be preferred over Chawla’s leg spin, which is unlikely to cause the Pakistan batsmen, used to playing quality spin, any trouble. Zaheer rediscovering some of his ‘nip’ should give Dhoni some heart, though deep inside, he knows it is the batting which must win him the battle on Sunday night.
Pakistan, on the other hand, look sorted out. They did suffer a batting malfunction against South Africa on Friday but were bailed out by paceman Umar Gul’s heroics. It is unlikely that Hafeez and Co will be rattled in a similar manner by India’s bowlers. It will be interesting to see whether Pakistan play four spinners. India, after all, play spin slightly better than SA!
LAHORE - The Indian government, on Friday, released 46 Pakistani fishermen. Indian authorities handed over the prisoners to Pakistan’s Rangers at the Wahga Border, Rangers’ sources said. The prisoners had been arrested for violating Pakistan’s maritime boundary, the sources added. The Edhi Foundation provided them food and cold drinks at the Wahga Border.
Those who have pressurized President Putin into postponing his Pakistan visit have done no good to the prospects of a peaceful Afghanistan after draw-down of foreign troops. This is a disservice even to a graceful exit for the NATO forces. According to media reports, President Vladimir Putin was to attend the quadrilateral summit of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Russia and Pakistan in Islamabad which was scheduled for the 2nd of October. According to the statement issued by the Foreign Office, the quadrilateral summit has also been deferred and the new date will be announced later. The statement further says that the Russian President has written a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari and expressed his desire to boost economic ties with Pakistan. The letter also expressed hope that both the leaders will hold meetings in future.
Americans and Indians were unhappy from the day Putin had announced his intended trip to Pakistan, first ever after his reelection as the president. His trip could open avenues for repair of Pak-Russia ties after a bitter past of the Cold War era when Pakistan was in American camp and India was Soviet ally. Americans and Indians had their own reasons to be wary of this high profile visit of the Russian leader. American could clearly see that with this trip, there were strong expectations of the four major stakeholders forging an alliance. This could mean that Afghanistan would slip out of American hands, for a longer period of time if not for ever. This could also mean loss of a frontline state that has been ready to serve American interests for any price, even on gratis basis. The only quid pro quo for serving American interests was supply of military hardware. Pakistan had realized a long time ago that this source of supply was drying up and was therefore, looking towards China for military supplies including fighter jets and naval platforms. Pakistan’s further alliance with Russia and supply of Russian hardware would free Pakistan from American clutches which Americans would not allow at any cost.
Indians are doing for the US what Pakistan has so far been doing from the days of Cold War. Additionally, India has always been active to isolate Pakistan internationally and has been jubilant at worsening ties of Pakistan and the US. It had even funded insurgents in restive tribal areas on Pakistani soil to create problems for China. Russian overtures to Pakistan and Pakistan being a part of quadrilateral summit would frustrate Indian designs on Pakistan. It refuses to recognize any role for Pakistan in post-NATO Afghanistan and has invested heavily in reconstruction of Afghanistan to acquire some foothold in that war-ravaged country.
Though India may not be wary of any Russian role in future Afghanistan, by pressuring Putin to postpone his Pakistan visit, India has undermined Russian interests in the region. Some analysts believe that Indians might have managed to frustrate Russian efforts to reach out to Pakistan and Central Asian states at the behest of the US. This is something American could not have done itself. It is believed that they used Indians to exert pressure on Russia. They have achieved twin objectives; keeping Russia away from Afghanistan and Pakistan thus safeguarding American interests and isolating Pakistan from rest of the world. For Americans, it is a good punishment for Pakistan for reaching out to Russia.
ISLAMABAD: Pakistani girls mobile numbers and India Friday agreed to encourage two-way investment and to enhance investor confidence on both sides and stressed the need for simplification of its procedures.
Both sides also signed three agreements related to redresal of trade grievances, mutual assistance in custom matters and bilateral cooperation agreement.
This was stated in a joint statement issued here after the 7th round of India-Pakistan talks on commercial and economic cooperation held on September 20-21 here between commerce secretaries of India and Pakistan.
Pakistan side appreciated the recent measures which have been taken by India to remove its earlier restrictions on inbound and outbound investments to Pakistan.
Pakistan side sought clarifications from Indian girls mobile numbers authorities on investment through “Government Route” and its implications for investment by Pakistani investors in India. It was also decided that outreach programs may be held with the business communities on both sides, regarding the new investment opportunities, application procedures and regulatory issues.
The Commerce Secretaries of both the countries appreciated that better trading opportunities provided through land route would enhance mutual prosperity of the business communities and consumers of both sides of the border.
They however, noted that there is need to further strengthen infrastructure on both sides. They directed the customs and the port authorities to resolve all the issues through mutual cooperation, harmonization of customs procedures, provision of laboratory facilities, scanners, weigh bridges, cold houses, containerized services and automation of the business processes.
For this purpose, they said that meetings of the Customs Liason Border Committee would be held on monthly basis. The CLBC would also explore the possibilities of organizing meetings between the relevant importers and exporters at Wagah-Attari border. It was decided that this Land Customs Station would operate seven days a week.
According to the joint statement, the need for more trade traffic to be carried through the Railways was emphasized and for this purpose, it was agreed that the Railway Ministries would hold joint coordination meetings on a monthly basis, at the appropriate levels. Issues on availability of sufficient number of rakes for interchange was also highlighted by the Pakistan Railways. It was noted that the earlier agreed provision of 3-4 interchanges a day has not been adhered to due to current trade patterns.
A viable solution is to allow High Capacity Wagons (HCW) from Pakistan which carry three times more load than the regular wagons.
The Indian girls mobile numbers for friendship Railways agreed that specifications already provided by the Pakistani girls mobile numbers Railways for HCW would be examined and conveyed accordingly within two months.
On exploring the possibilities of opening new land routes for trade, Pakistani girls mobile numbers side informed that a working group on Munabhao- Khokhrapar has been constituted. Indian side has already conveyed constitution of working group. It was agreed that meeting of the JWG on Munabhao-Khokhrapar would be held in 4th week of October, 2012 at New Delhi.
Both sides appreciated the recent signing (September, 2012) of the new liberalized bilateral visa regime.  This fulfill a long pending demand of the business communities of both sides to ensure a better enabling environment for bilateral trade. On the issues relating to removal of Non-Tariff Barriers, Secretary Commerce Pakistan highlighted that certifications/ licensing/ lab testing/ are not the only NTBs but issues like delays in customs clearance, non availability of railway wagons for cargo transport, absence of direct flights or any problem which delays the clearance of goods with no end results or change, faced by importer/exporter is an NTB.
He reiterated that concrete solutions of all such issues are crucial for ensuring market access in the Indian markets for Pakistani exporters.
Commerce Secretary India while noting the views expressed by Commerce Secretary Pakistani girls mobile numbers, emphasized the need for elimination of such NTBs on both sides. Both sides expressed satisfaction on signing of the three agreements i.e. Redressal of trade grievances agreement, Mutual Recognition Agreement and Customs Cooperation Agreement and directed the relevant authorities to frame rules and procedures to fully implement these agreements.
These agreements are expected to substantially facilitate bilateral trade mechanisms. It was agreed that on the same pattern as Mutual Recognition Agreement between BIS and PSQCA, another agreement between Export Inspection Council of India (EIC) and PSQCA will be signed. Both sides have already exchanged the draft texts and it was agreed to complete the internal approvals before the next meeting of the Commerce Secretaries.
The JWG on Customs Matters has held one meeting in August 2011. In order to frame rules and procedures to implement the two agreements signed between the Customs Authorities, it was agreed that JWG on Customs would meet in the following month either at Karachi or Mumbai.
It was reiterated that the road map drawn in the earlier Ministerial meetings, for liberalized and preferential trade regimes would be scrupulously adhered to.
Pakistan side informed that summary for removal of restrictions on trade through land route has been moved to the Cabinet and assured that decision to this effect is expected to be notified before end of October, 2012.
The Pakistan side expressed appreciation of the steps taken by India to reduce its SAFTA sensitive list by 30% from 878 tariff lines to 614 tariff lines as agreed earlier during the 6th Round of Talks.
The Indian side explained that out of 264 tariff lines which have been removed from India’s girls mobile numbers SAFTA sensitive list, 155 tariff lines pertain to agricultural commodities and 106 tariff lines relate to textile items.
To further deepen the preferential arrangements under SAFTA and to provide level playing field to Pakistani exporters in comparison to concessions allowed by India under SAFTA to rest of the countries in the SAARC region, both sides developed a long term plan. It was noted that Pakistan now has a total of 936 tariff lines at 6 digit under its SAFTA Sensitive List, as against 614 tariff lines at 6 digit of India.
It was agreed that after Pakistan has notified its removal of all restrictions on trade by Wagah-Attari land route, the Indian side would bring down its SAFTA sensitive list by 30% before December, 2012 keeping in view Pakistan’s export interests.
Pakistan would transition fully to MFN (non discriminatory) status for India by December 2012 as agreed earlier. India would thereafter bring down its SAFTA Sensitive List to 100 tariff lines at 6 digit level by April, 2013.
As India notifies the reduced Sensitive List, Pakistani girls mobile numbers, after seeking approval of the Cabinet, will also simultaneously notify its dates of transition to bring down its SAFTA sensitive list to a maximum of 100 tariff lines at 6 digit level within next 5 years.
The reductions shall be notified by Pakistan in equal measure for each year so as to complete reduction to 100 lines before end of 2017.  Thus, before the end of 2017, both India and Pakistan would have no more than 100 (6 digit) tariff lines in their respective SAFTA sensitive lists. Before the end of year 2020, except for this small number of tariff lines under respective SAFTA sensitive lists, the peak tariff rate for all other tariff lines  would not be more than 5%.
The Commerce Secretaries also reviewed the progress on other issues such as enhanced trade for petroleum products, trade in power and reciprocal opening of Bank branches.  Based on this review, the Commerce Secretaries exhorted the relevant stakeholders on both sides to speed up the mutual consultations so that concrete progress is achieved within the next six months.
During this review, Indian side informed its willingness to consider export of gas up to 5 million cubic metres per day, for an initial period of five years.
Pakistan side informed that India’s offer has been received and is under active consideration. BHEL (an Indian girls mobile numbers PSU) made an offer to cooperate with the Pakistan side in setting up 500 – 2000 MW capacity in coal/hydro or Gas power plants, as per their requirements.
Indian side indicated its willingness to cooperate with Pakistan in areas of wind and solar energy. Indian side also made an offer for meeting the requirements of Pakistan Railways for up to 100 locomotives.
Pakistan side emphasized the importance of taking SMEs along in this trade normalization process.  It highlighted that sectors like surgical instruments, cutlery, fans, leather and marble products have a huge potential for trade. It was agreed that an institutional mechanism would be constituted to work out exhibitions of these products in India.
Sharing of technology, skill development, training and collaboration in development of designs would also be encouraged.
Cooperation in the manufacturing activities of the Gems and Jewellery sector would be actively encouraged.
As a part of this round of talks, representatives of the Civil Aviation Authorities of both the countries undertook discussions to ensure better air connectivity between New Delhi and Islamabad.
It was noted that against an average of about 23 flights per week between New Delhi and other important national capitals of the SAARC countries, there is as yet no direct air connectivity between New Delhi and Islamabad.
It was agreed that a Joint Working Group (JWG) would be formed before 15th November 2012, which would work out a more liberalized regime of reciprocal bilateral rights for commercial flights, to ensure economic viability of this air route. This JWG would also explore mechanisms for more efficient courier services.
The two sides noted with satisfaction the business-to-business contact which is steadily growing between both countries.  Chambers of Commerce on either side have been supporting business delegations and trade issues in each other’s countries.
This process would be supported and facilitated by the Commerce Ministries of both the countries, with the active support of the TDAP and ITPO. The Secretaries directed the two organizations to provide better guidance to chambers and business people on customs procedures, import regulations and how to organize exhibitions.
The Commerce Secretaries also noted the decision that was taken by the Commerce Ministers to form a Joint Business Council (JBC) as an additional institutional framework for regular and sustained dialogue between the business communities.  Both sides agreed to exchange names of 10 prominent business persons from each country for this JBC within a month.  The endeavour would be to have a first meeting of this JBC before December 2012 and its recommendations would be duly considered for taking forward the ongoing trade and investment dialogue.  The JBC would, inter-alia, also explore measures for increasing other related activities between the people of both countries.
Preliminary discussions were also held on possibilities of better telecommunication linkages keeping in view the requirements of business communities on both sides for international roaming facilities. It was agreed that separate sub-groups on either side would take forward this dialogue. Commerce Secretaries would review thereafter.
Both sides also reviewed the earlier discussed possibilities of greater trade cooperation in sectors of agriculture and information technology.  Relevant stake-holders would be encouraged to take forward economic cooperation in these areas. Cooperation for increasing cotton yield in Pakistan through trials of suitable Bt cotton seeds, would be given more focused attention
It was decided that the 8th round of talks would be scheduled to take place in India in April 2013. In the meantime co chairs of the JWG on economic and commercial cooperation, Joint Secretaries of Commerce, India and Pakistan would meet in December, 2012 at Islamabad. (APP)


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